Kate's Counterpane is an online platform that combines photos, videos and text. It is a look into who I am and what happened in my first year with Multiple Sclerosis (I was diagnosed in December of 2006). Halfway through 2007, I realized there was a great story in the making, and as a video producer, I wanted to tell it visually. Though I had rolled tape during some very real moments, I had not filmed myself enough to make a true documentary and I didn't want any footage to be re-enacted. I have always written in a journal, and from the moment I was diagnosed, I wrote constantly about what was happening to my body and mind. I spent many hours and resources to produce one film, and in a moment of eureka, realized a better way to share my story was to move outside of a single medium and to use whatever I had to cover it (hello, multimedia!).

I am throwing Kate's Counterpane into the universe as my personal expression, but also with the goal of laying out the trifecta of elements that have been part of managing my illness. The clinical medicine, the complementary techniques and the visualization and positive attitude. I do not know what is responsible for having made a difference in my health: You decide as you explore the panes.

To view the films consecutively, please visit www.katescounterpane.blip.tv